NBS 全自動晶圓包裝機


*300mm Wafer packing, unpacking and sorting (200mm Option)
*SEMI S2/S8 Compliant- 3rd party certification
*SEMI SECSGEM300 Host Compliant
*Rorze RR756 robot with compliance, flip module and multi chamber     wafer handling end effector
*2 or 4- Rorze RV-201 Linear or front/rear FOUP/FOSB LP with RFID
*E84 FOUP/FOSB Transfer to RV201 LP
*Single Stocker with 2- HWS LP and three (3) reservoir drawers for       interleaves, ring separators or foam cushions
*Baumer Camera detection of packing media
*Automated HWS lid removal/replacement (EVO2 AUT0 Option)
*Automated HWS transfer stage (EVO2 AUTO Option)
*Class 10 Mini Environment
*Throughput: 140 WPH Packing, 125 WPH Unpacking
*Footprint: 4LP - 1309mm Dx 2524mm W, 6LP -1802mm D x2524mm W)